Shine (he)

Marie-José (she)

Future parents

Region: Eastern Townships, Ivory Coast

Same-sex parenting, trans parenting, blended family, home insemination, People of Color, immigration

Shine, who already has a child from a previous relationship, lives in Sherbrooke and is currently in a relationship with Marie-José, who is still in Côte d’Ivoire, his country-of-origin. The couple had wanted to start their family project with a fertility clinic but were warned that the process might not begin for a year. Shine, who is a trans man, wants to carry his child but does not want to wait because of his age; he will therefore begin the process with a known donor through artisanal insemination.

While the couple is waiting for the immigration process to allow Marie-José to join Shine, they have decided to begin the process of creating their family so that Shine can carry their child. Shine, who is a black trans man, already has a daughter who lives in France with her other mom. For him, the fact that some members of his family support his project is enough and he is very proud to be able to maintain ties with his family of origin while creating a family of his own, the one he has always wanted. His chosen family is also very important since it is rich in diversity and shares the values of love, respect, and openness that he has always dreamed of.

Their family is a clever mix: a blended family created through home insemination, with same-sex parents who are People of Color, trans, and above all immigrants.

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