Surrogacy is another means that we use to start our families. In the public imagination, surrogacy is often associated with LGBT+ families and, in particular, with cisgender* gay men, even though it is a practice that is by no means limited to our communities.

Many people will carry out surrogacy in Canadian provinces other than Quebec, or even in different countries, because, for now, surrogacy is not legally recognized in this province.

Amongst questions most frequently asked, here is some key information:

  • It is presently illegal in Canada to pay for a surrogate’s services (sometimes called «surrogate mother»). It is however possible and highly recommended to cover any incurred expenses like travel fees, missed hours of work because of medical appointments, etc.
  • A bill was brought forward in 2021 that recognizes the legitimacy of surrogacy in Quebec and provides a legal framework and administrative process to protect all parties. The law, however, has not, as of yet, come to a vote.

For more information, we invite you to consult some of the suggested documentation below.


*Cisgender: when a person’s gender corresponds with the gender that was assigned to them at birth.