Assisted Procreation

Assisted procreation is also sometimes called «insemination», «medically assisted procreation», «artisanal procreation» or «in vitro». Many future LGBTQ2S+ parents will use one form or another of insemination to carry out their ‘parental project’. Some examples of these practices are:

  • A couple of women using a fertility clinic and a sperm bank in order to conceive;
  • A couple of women doing home-inseminations with the help of a sperm donor in their entourage.

Other models, of course, exist as well: trans men and non-binary people starting families; parental projects as a throuple or as a single person. There is no rule to follow or best way to start a family. Many different factors can influence our choices. It’s important to reflect about how you would like to start your family and who will be involved. Here are some things to think about:

  • Would you like to conceive with the help of a health care professional or at home?
  • Would you prefer a known sperm donor or a donor from a sperm bank?
  • If you do choose a known donor, would you rather it be someone involved in your child’s life or just an acquaintance that your child can meet later in life if they’re curious?

Take a look below at the documents and references to find out more about assisted procreation. You should know that the LGBT+ Family Coalition organizes conferences twice a year about different options around assisted procreation and many discussion groups that will respond to your questions and help you to make choices that are right for you.

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