A Practical Guide to Including Sexual and Gender Diversity in Colleges and Universities

Safe and inclusive environments : concrete actions, Tools

This guide provides a snapshot of the measures that can be implemented, to great benefit, in colleges and universities with a view to reducing instances of homophobia. The goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment that supports all students’ academic progress. This guide aims to be concrete: it focuses on practices that have already been put into place in institutions of higher learning in Qu├ębec. It is mainly addressed to front-line workers and student affairs managers in colleges, and to student services in universities. The idea behind the guide comes from a simple observation: right now, publications about homophobia are mostly focused on activities that take place in the classroom, whereas very few of them address the question of good practices adopted outside the classroom. This guide is a tool designed to meet this specific need. It may also be of interest to teaching staff, administrators, students, parents, and anyone who works in the field of higher education