Samatar & Christophe

Samatar (he)

Christophe (he)

Sarah (she) (5 years old)

Emma (she) (1 year old)

Region: Montreal

same-sex parenting, surrogacy, egg donation, perinatal bereavement, immigration

Christophe and Samatar became dads through surrogacy in Ontario. Their children, Sarah and Emma, were both born through the same surrogate and egg donor. Because both parents have an immigration background, their chosen family is of great importance, given the physical distance that separates them from their family of origin. The couple is overjoyed by their children whom they call their miracle babies!

Christophe and Samatar are a couple with diverse cultural backgrounds, and because they had their children later in life, they call them their miracle babies. Sarah is 5 years old and Emma is one year old. The two dads also lost a child at 38 weeks of pregnancy, two days before the planned date of delivery. Having experienced perinatal bereavement, the formation of their family is very precious indeed.

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