Rachel & Marie

Rachel (she)

Marie (she/they)

N (she, for the moment) (6 ½ years old)

Z (he, for the moment) (3 ½ years old)

Region: Montreal

same-sex parenting, home insemination, queer chosen family, known donor, family of origin, social ties

To start their family, Rachel and Marie asked a couple of close friends for a sperm donation. These donors, one biological and the other social, are the godfathers of their children. They occupy an important place in their lives. It was Rachel who carried the two children. This queer chosen family was able to be created thanks to strong friendships. Even more unique bonds were forged through this experience.

Before starting their family, Marie and Rachel had extensive conversations about the roles they would play. These conversations also took place with the children’s godparents. In their family each person has a role, regardless of their status (social or biological). While the parental responsibilities fall to Rachel and Marie, the godparents are very present. Despite the importance of their chosen family, Rachel and Marie’s families of origin are also present. The relationships they maintain with their loved ones, who live in the French Alps and Lac Saint-Jean, allow the children to cultivate broader family relationships. Being able to create their family story together, in a way that blends fluidly with their family history, is a source of great pride.

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