Pierre & Mathieu

Pierre (he)

Mathieu (he)

Louna (4 years old)

Ben (3 years old)

Region: Montreal

same-sex parenting, Mixed Bank Program, transracial family, BIPOC

Mathieu and Pierre chose to start their family by adopting their children through the Mixed Bank Program. Louna arrived in the family when she was five months old and, a few months later, the couple learned that the biological mother of the latter was pregnant again. The family therefore welcomed Ben at the age of three days. Mathieu and Pierre are proud to help change the image of what a family can be!

Mathieu and Pierre are part of a transracial family with a Quebec dad, a Brayon-Korean dad, and two children born in Montreal of Haitian origin. Even though Mathieu and Pierreā€™s families of origin do not live in the same city, they still try to see them several times a year. Since the families of origin are less present on a daily basis, they have created a network of friends and neighbors to help them get through the stages and trials of life. The two dads also want to keep in touch with the biological parents of the children!