Namta (she)

Sarah (she)

Nalin (19 years old, he)

Kian (16 years old, he)

Sathya (14 years old, she)

Region: Montreal

lesbian parenting, sperm donor, separation, intercultural family, BIPOC

Namta had her children through home inseminations with her ex-spouse in a family of Indian and English origin. They separated in 2020 and their three children as well as their dog Nico now live in shared custody between their two mothers’ homes. Namta is very proud to have raised three bright, mature, and kind children who will be excellent citizens of the world.

Namta and her ex-partner, Sarah, had great difficulty finding a fertility clinic that was willing to provide services to lesbian mothers at the time and that’s why they decided to do home inseminations. Their three children were carried by the same mother and the mothers chose a sperm donor whose identity could be revealed when the children turned 18. Even though they separated in 2020, the two mothers live 800 meters from each other and can count on their families to support them in their daily lives.