Micky & Marie-Josée

Micky (they, he and she)

Marie-Josée (she)

Baby Soleil 

Region: Montreal

two moms, fertility clinic, adoption, non-binary, racialized child, immigration

This family, that describes themselves as a celebration of diversity, is composed of Marie-Josée, a queer racialized parent; Micky, a queer non-binary parent; and their baby Soleil, who was 15 months old at the time of the interview. It was Marie-Josée who carried their child with the help of a fertility clinic and medically assisted reproduction. This family of multiple origins considers themselves lucky to be able to count on the support of their family of origin and their chosen family.

Marie-Josée and Micky count on many people who they consider to be Baby Soleil’s aunts and uncles, in addition to Marie-Josée’s father who lives just above them. Their unique family has many cultural roots, including Guatemala, where Marie-Josée was adopted, Quebec, and Germany, Micky’s country of birth. They speak three languages ​​at home and practice several religions in a progressive, feminist, and inclusive way. Their chosen family of queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans friends is also very important. They can also count on the love and support of their straight cis friends.