MD & Jean-Michel

MD (they/she)

Jean-Michel (he)

Sasha (he, 4 years old)

Mika (pronouns not yet known, 2 years old)

Region: Quebec City

trans parenting, Bisexual parents, non-binary mom

MD and Jean-Michel are the proud parents of Sasha and Mika, who were conceived in the traditional way in a slightly less traditional family! MD, who had never wanted to carry a child before coming out as non-binary, later realized the possibility of having a queer/trans pregnancy. Becoming parents brought MD and Jean-Michel closer to their biological families, and they have an important place in their children’s lives.

MD and Jean-Michel had their two children as a couple, but they see themselves as co-parents, which allows them to not fall into heteronormative traps, such as the gendered division of labour. For MD, as a non-binary person, parenthood and pregnancy have raised many questions about traditional gender roles. After a long reflection, they realized that they could carry their children without invalidating their identity. One of the things that makes this family very proud is to have been able to seek help when they needed it, in order to give the best to their children. MD and Jean-Michel’s families of origin provide an important support network, including grandparents and great-grandparents who are very present in their lives. The two godmothers are also very significant to them and to their children, with one always ready to share her time and the other, a veterinarian, ready to answer any questions about the animals at any time (because the animals are also very important!).