Marianne (she)

Marie-Ève (she/they)

Gabrielle (she, 7 years old)

Region: Montreal

queer family, egg donation, in vitro fertilization, separation, intercultural family, People of Color

Marianne and Marie-Ève were able to conceive Gabrielle thanks to an egg donation from Marianne, which allowed Marie-Ève to carry their child. In addition to her two parents, Gabrielle is well surrounded by a large chosen family made up of people with whom her parents feel good and respected. The majority of their family of origin are also part of their chosen family. Marianne’s former partner, who lived outside of Quebec, has also been a significant person in their family constellation for the past four years.

It’s very important for Marianne and Marie-Eve to provide their child with an education that is consistent with their feminist, anti-racist and queer values. The question of choice, but also of respect and inclusion of diversities (of gender, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, etc.) is fundamental and dear to their parenthood and family life. The parents’ greatest pride is to succeed in continuing to support each other, to love each other, and to accompany each other despite the separation and the challenges. They pride themselves on putting their child at the center and not letting the challenges they faced as a couple get the better of them and interfere with co-parenting. They are also proud to have succeeded in establishing a climate of trust and harmony with their extended families. Respect is central to their interactions and even if it is a job that must be maintained and updated often, they are proud of the path traveled and the deep learning they have acquired by becoming parents.