Lux (gender-fluid pronouns)

Other parent (she)

Adolescent (14 years old)

Adolescent (13 years old)

Region: Quebec City

trans parenting, pregnancy, separation, trans, gender fluid

Lux had their children while they were in, what they defined at the time, a bisexual couple. Although they had always questioned their gender identity, they decided to have children with the other parent because they perceived their body as a big boat capable of carrying their babies. During the children’s teens, both parents came out: Lux as a non-binary trans person, and the other parent as a trans woman.

Lux and the other parent met while studying the arts and were both questioning their gender through the medium of art. Lux has always felt they had more of a father role with their children, both socially and as the family provider. They still distinguish between between gender identity and gender expression. Even if they are perceived as a woman on a daily basis, they do not identify as such, and they have the most neutral gender expression possible. Today, both parents live in the same neighborhood to take care of their teenagers!