Lani & Stacy

Lani/ Lanzz (she/he) et Stacy (she) 

Drey (she) et Shani (she) 

Zade (he) (6 years old)

Zaya (they) (6 years old)

Region: Montérégie

co-parenting, multi-parenting, assisted reproduction, fertility clinic, chosen family, BIPOC

Lani and Drey, now separated, are the founders of this family project which, over time, has grown to become a large family with four adults engaged in the daily lives of their two children. The children, Zade and Zaya, affectionately nicknamed the grums, are well surrounded by their four parents. A shared understanding and a WhatsApp group allow them to not miss out on any of the love and little moments of madness that reign in this beautiful modern family.

To create their family, Zade and Zaya’s parents chose assisted reproduction in a fertility clinic, and it was Drey who carried the children. Choosing an unknown donor without a photo brought its share of questions for the parents, but in the end, meeting the darlings quickly made them forget that there was another person involved in their arrival. Zade and Zaya, who are now six years old, are well taken care of by their mom, Lani, who is in a relationship with Stacy (called “Cici” by the children), and their mommy, Drey, who is in a relationship with Shani (called “Nani” by the children). This beautiful BIPOC family with mainly Caribbean origins, but also Latin and Quebecois, offers an eclectic education to their children and sees this mixture of cultures as an incredible richness. The great trust that exists between the two couples makes it possible to offer the best to the twins! For this family, being a parent goes far beyond the names that appear on birth certificates; the two parents who have been added to the family over time have been part of the children’s lives since they were babies. The grandparents are also very involved with the children and adore them, but the chosen family is also a natural extension of the family, which helps ensure an incredible support system for the four parents and their two children.