Karine (she)

Karine (she)

Papa (he)

ZoƩ Alexandrine (no pronouns yet, 7 years old)

Lily Charlotte (no pronouns yet, 5 years old) 

Region: Mauricie and Montreal 

three-parent family, lesbian parenting, foster family, home insemination, diverse family

The two mothers, Karine and Karine, have had a large family made up of eight children, thanks to fostering, guardianship, and are now parenting their two youngest with another parent, Papa. Their two youngest children come from a family project where the father, a friend of the mothers, donated sperm and one of the two mothers carried the two youngest. Even though the two mothers are now separated, and the father lives in Montreal, the three parents are still involved!

Although they consider themselves an ordinary family, they realize that they are very original when it comes to telling their story. Over time, several children have joined the family in different ways. Their family has made room for creativity and a loving, enriching, shared parenting centered on the needs of their children. In addition to being a diverse family, they are also an intercultural family because the father of the two youngest is from Colombia, which allows them to travel and learn more about their cultural origin. Even though the two moms separated when their youngest child was one year old, the parents are proud to always put the needs of their daughters first and at the heart of all their decisions. This beautiful family can also count on the support of their three extended families and that of their chosen family of friends. At home, it is almost impossible to determine the blood ties that unite them or not; their diverse family is composed of brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers without discrimination or need for explanation. A little confusing for visitors, but a very simple reality for this big family!

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