Kai-Olivier & Andy

Kai-Olivier (he/they)

Andy (she)

Future parents

Region: Laval

expectant parents, gamete preservation, neurodiversity, queer, marriage, trans

Kai-Olivier and Andy are two neurodivergent trans people who have family projects that can be realized in several different ways, including in vitro fertilization with their respective gametes when the time comes. They are very proud that their family is a refuge when life’s difficulties become intolerable, and it is thanks to their communities that they can dream of living instead of surviving.

Kai-Olivier and Andy had been in a relationship for 7 years before transitioning. They had to make important decisions regarding parenthood, along with several other social, medical, legal, and financial decisions related to their medical transition, in order to ensure that they could conceive a child or children in the future. The couple chose to preserve their gametes by cryopreservation to be able to conceive one or more children when they were ready to start a family. In the meantime, the neurodivergent and married queer couple lives in an apartment in Laval with their bird Canelle-Étoile !