Julie & Amélie

Julie (she)

Amélie (she)

Codan (he, 7 years old)

co-parenting, lesbian parenting, Mixed Bank adoption

Region: Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Amélie and Julie, who are now separated, had decided to access parenthood through adoption through the Mixed Bank Program. Codan, of Anishnabe descent, who is now 7 years old and who is officially adopted, is part of a large adoptive and chosen family. Both moms now have new spouses who, while not officially involved in Codan’s upbringing, participate in family activities several times a month together.

Although the family structure has changed since Codan’s arrival, Julie and Amélie have been able to maintain a very strong bond and now describe their co-parenting as exceptional. Their collaboration as co-mothers also allowed them to face the issues and uncertainties that come with the Mixed Bank adoption process. Codan grows up in a family where the mothers have complementary approaches and strengths that allow them to offer the best to their son, and his well-being has always been the most important element in their co-parenting. Codan is also lucky to have his Juju, a super awesome aunt who is very important in the family!