Jessy & Eliane

Jessy (he)

Eliane (they/she)

Big kid (she, 7 ½ years old)

Little kid (she, 4 ½ years old)

Region: Montreal

trans parenting, in vitro fertilization (IVF) with egg donation, home insemination

Eliane and Jessy are the proud parents of two children. They had their eldest child through in vitro fertilization and spousal egg donation, and their youngest through home insemination with the help of a friend who agreed to be the donor. It was Eliane who carried the two children. After the birth of their eldest child, Jessy came out as a trans man, which allowed him to experience parenthood in a more authentic way.

The family is very proud since its existence is a snub to the universe. They went through a lot of challenges and hardships to have their two children, but they are a loving family and their children are fulfilled. Eliane and Jessy are well surrounded by several friends who act as godfather and godmother to their children; their chosen family is of great importance to them. Jessy’s family, being in France, is less involved with the children, but Eliane’s aunt is very present in their lives.