Gabrielle & Vee

Gabrielle (they/she)

Vee (they)

N (9 years old, she)

O (7 years old, they)

L (3 years old, they/she/he)

Region: Eastern Townships

Queer family, feminist family, non-binary lesbian parents, gender-neutral parenting

Gabrielle and Vee are the proud parents of three children who are lucky enough to grow up in a family where gender-neutral prenting allows them autonomy and where everyone has the space to flourish, to feel loved and safe. Their parental project came to life with the help of assisted reproduction. This beautiful family lives in a house in the Eastern Townships with a generous garden, and the precious help of the grandparents makes everything grow more lovely every day.

Gabrielle and Vee each chose to carry at least one of their children and enjoyed each other’s support while pregnant. The parents were able to benefit from the free assisted reproduction program for their first two children, which was fortunate because if they would have had to pay for each trial, they would not have been able to have their third child. They are thinking of having a fourth child through adoption; they are considering the Mixed Bank Program to complete their beautiful family. The parents have also chosen to raise their children in a gender-neutral way, which gives their children the freedom to identify their own gender. The three children, who are home schooled, are supported by their parents, their extended family of origin, and the many people who make up their chosen family. Gabrielle and Vee are very proud to live their lives authentically, true to their values, and the vision they have for their family.

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