Gabriel & Teagan

Gabriel (he)

Teagan (he/they)

Their daughter (she, 7 years old)

Region: Gatineau

co-parenting, same-sex parenting, trans parenting

Gabriel gave birth to their daughter while he was in a heterosexual relationship with his ex-spouse, before starting to question his gender identity and transitioned. Since then, the family configuration has changed following the couple’s separation. Today, in a blended family with another trans man, their daughter says she has three dads. When asked if she has a mom, she replies that it was one of her dads who carried her in his belly!

If we ask Gabriel and Teagan’s daughter how she would describe their family, she likes to say that she lives in a weird family, but that being weird is positive and it’s a strength! Gabriel carried his daughter and breastfed her for several months before questioning his gender identity. It was after this questioning that he decided to begin to transition, and since then a new member has been added to their family. Teagan came into their lives two years ago now and took their daughter as his own, and Teagan’s parents are now the child’s proud grandparents. Gabriel and Teagan are proud of their resilience. They have faced various life challenges that have taught them the importance of love and compassion for themselves and others.