Carolie & Julie

Caroline (she)

Julie (she)

Maël (he, 8 years old)

Nolan (he, 5 years old)

Milo (he, 3 years old)

Region: Gaspésie

same-sex parenting, two moms, sperm bank, assisted reproduction

Caroline and Julie started their family with the help of assisted reproduction, and each carried at least one of their sons. Early in their family planning, they made the decision to have a different donor for each child knowing that they wanted a large family and that donors are not always available over several years. Each child has a unique story related to their respective donor and the challenges encountered during their moms’ journey to start a family. A new story is about to come to fruition with the choice of a new donor for their 4th baby project !

Caroline, who carried their first child, plans to carry their 4th child, while Julie carried their two other sons. They consider that a family has nothing to do with ties of blood, but everything to do with ties of heart. The fact that the children each have a different donor has allowed them to put forward the primacy of the ties of the heart and to form a family in their image. In addition to this uniqueness, the two mothers are happy to have been able to start their family despite the fact that they live in a remote region. They point out that even if the services are not always as easily accessible as in urban areas, they have had the advantage of not having to deal with endless waitlists. They are proud to have believed in their dream of starting a family and to see this dream come true in having three beautiful mini-humans, Maël, Nolan and Milo. This beautiful family is also well surrounded by the presence of their family of origin and chosen family who are present in the lives of their sons.