Carl & Ghislain

Carl (he/him)

Ghislain (he/him)

Valentin (he/him) (5 years old)

Region: Gasp├ęsie

same-sex parenting, surrogacy, artisanal insemination, remote area

Carl and Ghislain founded their family through surrogacy. The couple’s friend who offered to carry the child occupies an important place in Valentin’s life. The story of his birth having always been told to him in a simple and transparent way, Valentin recognizes this friend as the godmother who carried him in her belly!

Carl and Ghislain, who founded their family thanks to surrogacy, wanted the person who was going to carry their child to have an important place in his life without, however, playing the role of mother. This friend therefore occupies the place of godmother for Valentin and the process of creating their family is based on love, transparency, communication, listening and sharing. This beautiful family with a unique journey is filled with pride and strives to cultivate love and transmit their values to their child. Valentin, who is now 5 years old, grows up in a family that considers itself to be like all other families, with the only difference of having two dads!