Audray & Élise

Audray (she)

Élise (she)

Maële (she, 6 years old)

Kalix (2 ½ years old) 

Region: Montreal

single parenthood, co-parenthood, parenting friends, artisanal insemination, chosen family

Audray and Élise are two friends who decided to start a family in a different way, a way that resembled what they wished for. Audray had been Maële’s single mother for two years before Élise spoke to her about a single parenting project. It was then that they decided to start a family together, as friends. Élise adopted Maële when she was two years old, and it was Élise who carried Kalix. Both Maële and Kalix are from the same donor!

Audray, also called mom, and Élise, also called mamichou, have decided to create a family in their image, which they affectionately call a friend-parent family. In addition to their two parents, the children are also surrounded by Manon, Audray’s spouse, Sabrina, a very close friend of the family, as well as their grandparents. Their chosen family is important in their lives because it represents a safe-space and allows them to deconstruct the idea of the biological bond as being stronger or important. Although Audray and Élise had initially decided to live together to raise the two children, they now live one street apart and communicate almost daily regarding the children. What makes them most proud is the way they handle decision-making and look after the well-being of their children!