Sophie, Dominique et Éric

Sophie (she)

Dominique (she)

Éric (he)

Elliot (he, 11 years old)

Region: Montérégie

multi-parenting, lesbian parenting, same-sex paternity, blended families

Before deciding to start a family with three parents, Sophie and Dominique as a couple, and Eric, each had their own family project in mind. Following a few exchanges, they decided to combine their two projects into one through home insemination. Although Dominique and Sophie are now separated, the three parents have maintained their unique agreement through good communication, since their family model is not protected by law in Quebec. Elliot, the family’s son, is very well surrounded by his three parents and in-laws who have his well-being at heart.

Even though multi-parent families are recognized in three provinces in Canada, this is still not the case in Quebec, which means that Elliot’s family is not protected by law. The parents’ collaboration, their shared understanding, and their good communication were therefore crucial elements for this family in order to preserve the well-being of their child. Despite Sophie and Dominique’s separation, the three parents were able to find an agreement that allowed Elliot to maintain his bond with everyone, without ever straining him with changes of custody. When they separated, mom and mom decided to live in a semi-detached house so that they could allow Elliot to see them both and thus give him the time and energy to also see his father. The three parents’ atypical schedules and flexibility are great assets to their family life. The family is proud of having created the conditions that allow them to flourish and to support the love they have for Elliot and each other. Their ways of communicating, getting along, and respecting each other in their differences, for the benefit of Elliot, are also what creates harmony in this beautiful family.