Bord of directors — Call for applications


Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), May 1st, 2024

Dear members, 

You’d like to get involved with the LGBT+ Family Coalition? Now is the time to submit your candidacy to join our board of directors!   

The coming year is looking exciting:  

  • We are starting a new 5-year strategic plan, with many exciting projects to expand the reach of our actions; 
  • We are in a good financial position but we need to further consolidate our funding. 
  • We’re creating new ways to better reach out to families in every region of Quebec, families with trans and non-binary parents, as well as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) families.  
  • We are creating a mentoring program to help our members navigate their various challenges! 

A seat on the LGBT+ Family Coalition’s Board is a great mandate. It’s a good match for you if: 

  • You’re at ease with progress and all that change implies. 
  • You believe in the principles of social justice, intersectionality, anti-racism, decolonization, and inclusion. 
  • You have time for approximately eight (8) meetings during the year, one strategic planning weekend, and are ready to get involved in the Coalition in other ways as well.  
  • You’re willing to share your skills and experience with us to help with governance, communications, lobbying and fundraising. 
  • You respect our values (equity, inclusion, kindness, solidarity).

This year we are especially looking for people with legal, accounting, grant application, sponsorship, fundraising and IT systems skills. 

We offer a great social involvement experience to our administrators. It’s also an incredible opportunity for you to help us grow and have a positive impact on LGBT+ parents, future parents, and their kids. Administrators can participate in training sessions on several subjects pertaining to their role on the Board and themes surrounding our communities, like governance, inclusive language, racism, trans identities, etc.  

Members of the Board represent the Coalition and actively take part in furthering its mission. Here are some examples of their responsibilities: 

  • Overseeing our financial health; 
  • Offering expertise in our sub-committees (ex. HR, governance, finances, communications, etc.); 
  • Supporting the development of our activities and projects of interest to 2SLGBTQ+ families; 
  • Representing the Coalition; 
  • Committing to defend and promote the rights of our families.

You are interested in getting involved? Please submit your candidature before May 30th, 2024 by filling out this short form!

Parents AND future parents who are BIPOC and/or trans, non-binary and/or from various ethnocultural minority groups, as well as families who are living outside of large urban centres are particularly encouraged to submit their candidatures.   

Remember: to become a board member, you must be a member in good standing. You can renew or become a member hereContact us if you’re not sure of your status. Thank you!   

Sincerely yours,  

Mona Greenbaum and MP Boisvert  
LGBT+ Family Coalition