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  • Workshop for future LGBT parents

    An intensive day (Saturday) for future parents (in French)

    Click here to learn more.


    Familles LGBT: Le guide published!

    Les Éditions du remue-ménage are proud to announce the launch of a reference guide about LGBT families.

    Click here for a sample of the guide (French only).

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Family memberships

Becoming a member of the LGBT Family Coalition is the best way to support both the political and social work of the Coalition - by building a strong group, we are providing an important support network for ourselves and our children. Your donations and membership dues also help us to do training sessions with thousands of professionals and future professionals each year. By doing so we are changing attitudes and helping school, social service and medical personnel to become more inclusive of family diversity and actively fight against homophobia and transphobia.

Membership fees are one of our main sources of income and, with the support of our volunteers, enable us to provide services to members, promote inclusion, fight homophobia/transphobia and increase the visibility of our families.

As a member, not only do you have access to activities, newsletters, resources and support, but you are also supporting concrete social change that will directly benefit your family.

Basic membership: $40 a year per family (more if you can, less if you can't).

Endorsers: Membership fee and donations up to $99 (helps us to cover fees associated with family and parenting activities).

Friends: Membership fee and donations of $100 to $749 (helps to pay for anti-homophobia/anti-transphobia resources/tools that go into school and social services) (click here for some examples).

Partners: Membership fee and donations of $750 to $999 (covers one workshop in a school or a university class for future teachers).

Champions: Membership fee and donations of $1000 to $1499 (covers one workshop in a school or a university class for future teachers in a more distant area of Quebec).

Sponsors: Membership fee and donations of $1500 and up (helps us to develop new programs and projects). Sponsors are recognized on the LGBT Family Coalition website with the name of their organization, location, web link and a logo.

You can subscribe online and pay for your membership with PayPal by clicking on the following button and filling out the form.

Or you can pay your membership by filling out this form and mailing it along with your cheque (made out to CF-LGBT) to this address:

3155, rue Hochelaga,
Bureau 201
Montréal, QC,
H1W 1G4

If you do not wish to be involved in activities or receive the newsletter, please consider sending a donation instead to help fund the important political work of the Coalition.