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  • Workshop for future LGBT parents

    An intensive day (Saturday) for future parents (in French)

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    Familles LGBT: Le guide published!

    Les Éditions du remue-ménage are proud to announce the launch of a reference guide about LGBT families.

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Publication launch of Familles LGBT : Le guide

Les Éditions du remue-ménage

Under the direction of Mona Greenbaum, les Éditions du remue-ménage are proud to announce the publication of Familles LGBT : Le guide (in French only)

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Mémoire sur la procréation assistée dans le cadre du projet de loi 20

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Press release:

The LGBT Family Coalition is proud to announce that more than 10,000 people have been trained in the fight against homophobia!

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Press release:

The CSDM Recognizes Family Diversity

Workshops for future parents: Winter 2014

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May 20, 2011 - Government Action Plan Against Homophobia

Minister of Justice, Attorney General and minister responsible for the fight against homophobia, Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier, has launched a 2011-2016 Action Plan against Homophobia.

"Even today we cannot deny that homophobia is present in our society. The plan that we are launching today will permit us to lend a strong hand to those who are fighting homophobia and working daily against prejudice", declared Minister Fournier.

The plan is the result of a joint commitment by 11 provincial ministries. Its 60 measures aim to assist lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgendered people on social, community and professional levels, as well as to increase knowledge about sexual diversity.

The Quebec government will invest 7.1 million dollars over the next 5 years, to put 60 measures into place with the help of its community, university, union and civil society partners.

See Governmental Action Plan (French only)

May 20, 2011 - Ruling Regarding Donor Anonymity

A woman born as a result of donor insemination has won her legal battle seeking to end anonymity for sperm and egg donors in British Columbia. Olivia Pratten was born in 1982 as a result of donor insemination. After fruitless efforts to obtain records about the sperm donor, Pratten launched the lawsuit against the provincial government, arguing that the province's adoption laws discriminated against donor offspring like herself because they don't allow them the same ability to learn their genetic roots as adopted children have.

B.C. Supreme Court Judge Elaine Adair agreed. She found sections of the B.C. Adoption Act and Adoption Regulations unconstitutional. The law was revised in 1996 to allow adopted children the right to information about their biological parents, but it does not include children born of reproductive donations.

Adoptive children and donor offspring are similar in their need to know and have a connection to their biological roots, the judge said. The ruling gives the B.C. government 15 months to amend the law to address donor offspring. Pratten's lawyer, Joseph Arvay, said the end result of the decision is that anonymous egg and sperm donation will no longer be permitted in B.C.

The ruling has no weight outside the province, but Pratten said she has been contacted by other donor offspring who have declared their intention to pursue similar legal action to force change elsewhere.

March 26, 2011 (Paris) Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Parent Families in France

The Paris Court of appeal has rendered two decisions that confirm jurisprudence made last July by the Cour de cassation. Last year the Cour de cassation recognized the legal filiation between a child and the female partner of her biological mother. The decision allowed for the legal application on French soil, of a judgment rendered in the United States, in DeKalb County, that recognized the second mother as a legal parent.

Now two more decisions of the Paris court of appeal have gone in the same direction. Adoption judgments rendered under foreign jurisdictions, this time one in Canada and one in the UK, will be legally recognized on French soil.

The first is the case of a bi-national French-British gay couple who adopted a son while in the UK. Although initially refused by the French courts the appeal judges determined that as the British decision in no way goes against the public order it should be honoured in France as well.

The arguments in court were the same for the second case. This time however the couple are both French citizens with dual Canadian citizenship. The couple wanted their Canadian adoption judgment to be recognized in France. The court accepted.

The couples' lawyer Me Caroline Mecary said, "These decisions render even more obsolete - in terms of international law and the evolution of society - the fact that adoption in France is limited to married, opposite sex couples. Today there is a distortion such that French couples living abroad have more rights than those who stay in France."

October 2010 - Month of prizes for the LGBT Family Coalition

We are very pleased to announce that the LGBT Family Coalition has been honoured for its work. At the beginning of the month the Coalition received the Caisse Desjardin's Annual Prize for Service to the Community. The honour comes with an award of $5000.

[The Caisse Desjardin's Annual Prize for Service to the Community]

[Prix Projet par excellence]

Later in the month, at the Gala Arc-en-ciel the group was awarded the Prix Projet par excellence for our training workshop and resource kit, "Regards sur les familles homoparentales: s'ouvrir à leurs réalités pour mieux répondre aux besoins des enfants."

The project was the result of a grant received from the Quebec's Ministry of Education. The work was carried out by the Coalition in collaboration with Dr Danielle Julien of UQAM, who helped with the scientific content of the training and resource kit. The Coalition also worked with Dr Karine Igartua, psychiatrist and director of MUSIC (McGill University Sexual Identity Centre). Karine helped to train two teams of animators in Montreal and in Quebec City who currently carry out trainings on a regular basis in schools, social and health services, as well as in community organizations.

Since the project was finalised in June 2009, over 2200 professionals have gone through the training session that helps to demystify families with gay and lesbian parents and sensitize those who work with children to the devastating effects of homophobia on all children. Trainings have been carried out in the regions of Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, Mauricie, Montérégie, Eastern Townships, Laurentians, Centre-du-Québec, Outaouais, Gaspé, Saguenay, Chaudière-Appalaches and Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

[Medal of the National Assembly]

One of our biggest successes has been the training of close to 500 future teachers in the context of their undergraduate degrees.

The Coalition's director Mona Greenbaum was also honoured at the Lion d'Or, where she received the Medal of the National Assembly for her years of advocacy work for the LGBT community. The medal was given to Mona, in the presence of her family and hundreds of members of the LGBT community, by Mme Pauline Marois, head of the Parti Quebecois.

July 2010 - Reimbursements for Fertility Treatments

Infertile couples in Quebec will now be able to access government-funded in vitro fertilization treatments (IVF), a first in North America.

Couples who have not been able to conceive naturally will be eligible for three free rounds of treatment as of Aug. 5, said Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc. The province becomes the first jurisdiction on the continent to offer subsidized IVF treatments, which are a costly and last-ditch option for couples with problems conceiving.

Quebec's government hopes to see the number of IVF pregnancies double in coming years as a result of the policy, Bolduc said at a news conference at Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital. An average of 3,500 IVF pregnancies are recorded in the province every year.

Treatments covered by the Quebec government include:

  • Egg harvesting.
  • In vitro fertilization.
  • Pre-implant genetic testing.
  • Embryo transfer.
  • Sperm sample collection.

A single IVF treatment in a private clinic can cost up to $15,000. The Quebec fertility program will cost an estimated $35 million per year, with expenses rising to about $63 million in four years.

Services will be offered across the province, split evenly between public and private clinics. Doctors in individual clinics will define how they will prioritise waiting lists. There will be a transition phase for those already in treatment. For now, only Montreal and Quebec City will offer subsidized in vitro treatments.

7 octobre 2009

Quebec's Justice minister Kathleen Weill has proposed a series of sweeping changes to adoption rules in the province. These changes can have a significant impact on families with same-sex parents and the Coalition will be following this bill closely. On November 20th we submitted a brief to the National Assembly. For more information on this topic please consult our December 2009 newsletter.

19 mai 2009

Homophobie entre jeunes enfants: passer à l'action ! Plus d'information sur la page Formations.

January 27th 2009

Two of our families have been broadcast on a TV French show about LGBT parents "C'est quoi l'amour" ("C'est quoi l'amour" (1st part, 2nd part). See also the videos on the Video clips and movies page.

October 27th 2008

The Arc-en-ciel Gala was held on October 27, 2008 at the Lion d'or. The LGBT Family Coalition won the prize for the best project or initiative.

The guest of honour, Ms. Louise Arbour, former Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 2004 to 2008, was awarded First Prize of the CQGL 2008 for her outstanding involvement in defending, promoting and insuring the respect of human rights, in particular the rights of gay, lesbians, bisexual, transexual and transgender people both in Québec and elsewhere.

May 27th 2008

Special General Assembly formalizing the merger of the two groups Papa-Daddy and the Lesbian Mothers Association under the LGBT Family Coalition (Coalition des familles homoparentales (CFH) in French).

April 8th 2008

The publication Adoption and Fostering of Children in Quebec: A Guide for Gays and Lesbians is available