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  • Workshop for future LGBT parents

    An intensive day (Saturday) for future parents (in French)

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    Familles LGBT: Le guide published!

    Les Éditions du remue-ménage are proud to announce the launch of a reference guide about LGBT families.

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Premier bébé de l'année : deux homosexuelles aimeraient donner l'exemple (french)

TVA Nouvelles - January 11


Être enfant d'homos qu'est-ce que ça fait ? (french)

Le Monde - November 27

Globe and Mail article about Lesbian Families

Globe and Mail - November 4

Radio interview with Janik Bastien-Charleboison her new book "La virulité en jeu : perception de l'homosexualité masculine par les garçons adolescents"

Radio-Canada - October 6

Articles about coming out and public personalities

Patrick Lagacé article on the outing of public figures

La Presse - October 29

Yves Boisvert article on the outing of public figures

La Presse - November 1

Articles about sperm donors, donor anonymity and the film Starbucks:

One sperm donor, 150 offspring

The New York Times - September 5

Starbuck (french)

La Presse - September 9

Anti-homophobia work in Berlin's Elementary Schools (french)

TÊTU - August 13

Articles on a recent B.C. Supreme Court ruling regarding sperm donor anonymity:

Supreme Court of British Columbia Reasons for Judgment

Olivia Pratten vs the Attorney General of British Columbia and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

BC Paternity Decision - Interview with Olivia Pratten

As it Happens, CBC Radio One. Part 2. May 19/11

B.C. judge says anonymity for sperm, egg donors is unconstitutional

By Dene Moore, The Canadian Press. May 19/11

B.C. judge rules in favour of offspring of anonymous sperm donors

By Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun. May 19/11

Sperm donor anonymity overturned by B.C. Court - Includes an audio interview with Olivia Pratten

CBC News. May 19/11

B.C. court strikes down anonymity for sperm donors

By Sunny Dhillon. Globe and Mail. May 19/11

POLL: Should the identity of sperm donors be protected?

CBC. May 19/11

French texte written by a secondary 3 student. His name is Samuel Bérubé and his teacher is Mrs. Salvas from L'Académie de Dunton.

Le portrait du mois (french)

January 2011 - An article from the consulat général de France about two of our members in Québec City


December 23rd 2010
This supreme court decision on the federal vs. provincial jurisdiction of Assisted Procreation (french) - December 23 (french) (french) - January 4

November 18th
The Lonely Journey of David Fortin

January 28th
How the Canadian Education System is Failing Queer Youth (french)

January 25th
Census data on families with gay and lesbian parents

Avant-projet de loi en matière d'adoption - Une famille pour chaque enfant (français)

Le Devoir - 13 janvier


The Minister of Justice releases the Québec policy against homophobia

Québec Adoption - 26 octobre

Adoptive parents aren't second best

The Globe and Mail


La loi entrée en vigueur récemment favorisera-t-elle l'adoption? (french)

Québec Adoption - October 26, 2007

Réforme de la Loi sur la protection de la jeunesse - Une occasion ratée pour les enfants adoptés (french)

Le Devoir - July 12, 2007 Edition

Mini bilan de l'adoption homoparentale au Québec (french)

Québec Adoption - May 21, 2007


J'ai deux papas... et pas de maman

Le Soleil - Monday December 04, 2006

My two dads: PapaDaddy eases the challenges facing gay fathers, male couples and their kids

MIRROR ARCHIVES » January 5-11, 2006


Le groupe Papa-Daddy (french)

FUGUES December 19, 2005


Batshaw reaches out » Social service agency looks to gay households to help troubled kids

MIRROR ARCHIVES » June 19-25, 2003