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  • Workshop for future LGBT parents

    An intensive day (Saturday) for future parents (in French)

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    Familles LGBT: Le guide published!

    Les Éditions du remue-ménage are proud to announce the launch of a reference guide about LGBT families.

    Click here for a sample of the guide (French only).

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Social Activism


As a group, the LGBT Family Coalition continues to grow and thrive.

In terms of our membership we are the largest LGBT organization in Quebec.

More and more people and organizations have become aware of our existence and thus our role has broadened to one not only of support and information exchange, but also to one of social activism.

As LGBT parents, many challenges lie ahead of us in terms of the visibility and social recognition of our families.

The media has become increasingly focused on alternative families, as assisted procreation, adoption, surrogacy and multi-parent marriage have become "hot" LGBT issues. But even as we have increasingly gained legal recognition, society's institutions still remain closed to our families and ignorant of our particular needs.

Social service employees, as well as health care practitioners, must be made aware of the diversity of family structures. Myths and stereotypes about our families need to be exposed. Combating homophobia and transphobia in Quebec's primary and secondary schools is the major area where we need to apply our efforts, because this is where our children experience exclusion.

We must also continue to educate the general population about the fact that our children do as well as those raised with other parents.

Although we sometimes find ourselves very busy with work and family commitments, our efforts make an important difference. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.